Our Mission

At East West IMG we believe that influencer marketing is the most important advancement in digital advertising since it’s inception. But we also believe that brands aren’t utilizing the full potential of influencer marketing as it can be extremely difficult to nearly impossible to discover the optimal influencers to work with. Then there are several increasingly difficult questions for the brand to answer such as, “How do we know the influencer’s following is real?”, “Is the quote they gave us competitive?”, or “How can we engage with this influencer in a way which is natural for their audience?”

East West IMG looks to answer these questions and many more by combining large amounts of data we collect ourselves with an internal creative marketing process to make sure the branding can land with the influencer’s audience. Operating since 2019, we’ve continued to evolve to match the needs of our those we work with.

We also provide services to brands that only need a portion of what we offer such as influencer data or helping prepare marketing copy for an influencer campaign.

The world deserves to hear about your brand so let us help you spread the message.

CEO & Founding Partner - Clayton Jacobs

Jacobs started his career with research in Computer & Cognitive Science at Distributed Health Labs within University of California - San Diego. He then moved on to study Computer Science and Mandarin at Purdue University.

Jacobs joined ReadWrite as the Head of Chinese Media eventually becoming the Global Editor in Chief. Under his care, the publication quickly reversed its negative growth trend.

After leaving ReadWrite, Jacobs moved to Taipei and co-founded UCNS as a subsidiary of ULSee, a SoftBank invested company as CTO. At UCNS, he helped raise $10 million USD for facial recognition technology applications in retail.

Chief Marketing Officer & Founding Partner - Noah Hynam

Hynam had his start in the field of technology working for IBM Global Technology Services while attending Federation University Australia where he graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences. He rose to a management position where he assisted both colleagues and customers with day to day issues.

After leaving IBM, Hynam relocated to Taipei to gain a better understanding of the Eastern world. He has worked as a local educator connecting to the culture while pursuing his personal interests in gaming and language.

He has a keen interest in creator driven platforms such as YouTube & Twitch and wishes to support creators to monetize their content with organic and creative marketing opportunities.